Thesis 2.x Windy Box for Swift Content Navigation

Thesis Windy Box is a simple swift content navigation you can use anywhere in your layouts that will run through your most recent posts. It supports post images and you can even specify the categories and the amount of swift content navigation right from the options. You can also set the width, height, and which content to show or hide (post image, excerpt).

Thesis Windy Box

Demo Download Windy

It’s using plugin Windy. Windy a jQuery plugin that allows a rapid navigation through a pile of items using some CSS 3D transforms and transitions. The effect of a continuous navigation flow reminds of a deck of cards or sheets flying away, hence the name. This plugin idea is inspired by the CSS shaders examples as shown in the CSS shaders Flipbook video by Adobe.

For browsers that don’t support CSS 3D transforms or transitions, there will be a simple fallback, i.e. normal navigation of the items (appear/disappear).


Name: Category Posts Windy
Version: 1.0.1
post windy option

How To Install

  1. After you download the file, log into WordPress and navigate to your Thesis page
  2. Hover Boxes in the top menu, and click Select Boxes
  3. Select Upload Box and find the zip you just downloaded
  4. Once uploaded, check the box beside Category Posts Windy and hit Save Boxes
  5. You can now add the Posts Windy box anywhere in your layout via the Skin Editor screen! Click the gear beside the title to set the options


  1. says

    Hey, awesome idea for a box. I have done a Thesis 2.1 site with the masonry effect for all of the homepage posts (as teasers in a 4 by 4 grid) and with infinite scroll. Would happily share that with you if you thought it would be cool to box”ify” it.

    Keep up the good work.

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